Prison System

More than 1,500 women are incarcerated in Guatemala City, most for charges such as narcotics and homicide. Of those women that are given a second chance, a significant percentage of them go back to a life of crime because it’s all they know how to do. Eventually they return back to prison, caught in a vicious cycle of crime and hopelessness.

Hope Renewed wants to instill hope in these women, creating a path that leads to prosperity and a better future. Our goal in the prison is to empower the women to take control of their future, providing hope for an honest job, not a job that leads them back to prison. At the core of our programs in the prison is the ability to complete an education from elementary to high school. Beyond academic education is the ability to learn a vocation such as screen printing or culinary skills. Regardless of the program, the goal is to create opportunities for the women in prison resulting in reduced crime in Guatemala.